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The Love With Liana™ Podcast

Hi! I'm Liana Jabs and I am the spirit behind Love With Liana™.

I'm an Adult Chair® Certified Coach whose mission is to build a more present and loving world through actionable techniques that unleash a more peaceful life for all.

I believe: everyone is worthy of love, leading with empathy is essential, anyone can reach their full potential, and a peaceful life is everyone's right.

Each week, I give you tools to help bring you from a place of anxiety, overwhelm, lack of self-love, and feeling disconnected from your heart, to a place of self-love, presence, understanding your wants and needs, and owning your inner light.

Welcome to The Love With Liana™ Podcast where we build love through presence together!


Aug 25, 2021

I write to you today from a heavier heart than my normal self to give you a bit of a life update. 


I have not been doing all that well in my mental health. I’ve been thinking it has to do with some personal and  professional changes in my life, or more specifically about what I realized during the Costa Rica Self-Love Retreat that I attended. 


Learning how my need for validation is so deep that it has prevented me from feeling sexy or beautiful about myself was so difficult but incredibly eye-opening. I am ready to heal and transform this part of me that needs validation from other people so that I may be able to finally validate myself and love myself deeper. 


I share my vulnerability perhaps more than other coaches out there to let you know that you 1) aren’t alone, and 2) know that I work to dig myself out of hell so that I can teach you to do the same. 


I am here to get you out of the mud you may currently be in. There is a brighter life on the other side of the pain you may be feeling, and your light is too bright to go out.


We all deserve a life full of self-love and presence, and I am here to be your guide. Together, we can build a more present and loving world. 


All my love to you always! 💜💙




If at any time you are in crisis, please call 911 or the Crisis Hotline 1-615-244-7444 (or text HELP to 741-741). If necessary, please visit your local emergency room. The below (US) numbers are listed for further support if needed:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): 1-800-950-6264


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